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Billig Fliegen Jolo - Last Minute Reisen, günstige Flüge

菲律宾小岛Jolo Peak, Jolo, Sulu (SE, 1989)Acropora insignis.  Philippines.  Variation in branching pattern.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Acanthastrea rotundaflora.  Philippines.  Colony structure.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Echinopora pacificus.  Philippines.  A plate-like edge of an encrusting colony. This is the most common colour of the species.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Favia marshae.  Philippines.  Colonies have a smooth surface and neatly rounded corallites.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Porites densa.  Philippines.  Corallites are large and conspicuous. Tentacles are partly extended.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Porites sillimaniana.  Philippines.  The characteristic appearance of branches growing on flat laminae.  Photograph: .Plerogyra discus.  Philippines.  A large colony of compact mantles.  Photograph: Jim Maragos.Acropora cardenae.  Philippines.  Colonies consist of irregular branches.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Platygyra acuta.  Philippines.  Colony with short valleys.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Sulu Provincial Capitol, JoloOulophyllia crispa.  Philippines.  Variation in colour and surface detail of valleys.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.