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Billig Fliegen Dios - Last Minute Reisen, günstige Flüge

Buka Town, Passage,  Kokopau, BougainvilleAerial view of BUKA Island, and passing Yame Island @ Petats Island on 8-07-2003Crossing a River along the North Coast of Bougainville Island, PNG, on 14-04-2004Mount Bagana Volcano, in Bougainville, Looking behind  towards Empress Augusta Bay   in  Southern Bougainville,   PNG, Photo by Paul Wagum, 2012Old Concete Ford Washed away at River Crossing in Flood many years ago, on Bougainville Island North Coast highway, in PNG, on 14-04-2004Near Malasang  Village Rugby Field along North Coast Road on BUKA Island in BOUGAINVILLE Province in PNG, on 30-08-2003Buka Passage Airport  Terminal at KOKOPAU Whalf area in BUKA Passage on Bougainville Island, on left is SOHANO Island and Western Passage Channel through to Cape Hatupoona on right, small Minan Island and larger Madehas Island behind, PNG, on 2-02-2004BOUGAINVILLE  Local Traditional Style  Building at BUKA Market in Main Street near Small Boat area, PNGLocal Car being Towed out of River Crossing along North East Coast Road on Bougainville, one of many rivers without Bridges, PNG, on 19-02-2004Buka Passage Banana Taxi Boat  heading towards Small Boats area on other side of Old and new  Main Whalf on BUKA Island, KURI Lodge on far left, PNG, on 26-08-2003Coming down Hill towards KOKOPAU Town area along BUKA Passage on Bougainville, Looking towards Western Passage Entrance near SOHANO Island, BUKA on right centre,  PNG, on 14-04-2004 PNGLooking over to Bougainville While Flying Over BUKA Island near AirPort, Buka Town is lower right, with BUKA Passage between and SOHANO Island at end on right, PNG, on 22-05-2003