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Potrebujete poleg letalske karte tudi hotel v destinaciji Kitajska? Izbirajte med več kot 45.000 hoteli po ugodnih cenah.

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The Dagoba in Wuan [武安舍利塔], Wuan, Handan, Hebei Province (Song Dynasty, 1091)The Pagoda in the Site of Puli Temple [临城普利寺塔], Lincheng Town, Lincheng County, Xingtai, Hebei Province (Song Dynasty, 1052)山西好风光Reflected Arched Span in Congtai Park of Handan, From Tom KELLIE(丛台公园的拱桥流水—http://gallery.me.com/tomkellie#118329&bgcolor=black&view=grid)The Tower of Clear Breeze [邢台清风楼], Fuqian South Street, Xingtai, Hebei Province (Qing Dynasty, 1644~1911)黄粱梦吕仙祠-山门1The Dacheng Hall in the Temple of Confucius of Shunde Fu [邢台顺德府文庙大成殿], Dahuoquan Park, Xingtai, Hebei Province (Ming Dynasty, 1470. Moved & rebuilt here in 2000.)Bridge of Learning the Way to Walk [邯郸学步桥], Handan, Hebei Province (Rebuilt in PRC Period, 1949~)The Brick-Carved Screen Wall in the Historical City of Handan [邯郸老城砖雕影壁], Handan, Hebei Province (Qing Dynasty, 1583~1911)Alley of Turning the Carriage [邯郸回车巷], Handan, Hebei Province (Rebuilt in 1981)The Main Hall in the Site of Tianning Temple [邢台天宁寺大殿], Hongxing West Street, Xingtai, Hebei Province (Yuan Dynasty, 1339)邯郸火车站The Stone Archway of PAN, the Woman of Chastity [潘氏贞节牌坊], Nancheng Village, Lincheng County, Xingtai, Hebei Province (Qing Dynasty, 1755)