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Potrebujete poleg letalske karte tudi hotel v destinaciji Kanada? Izbirajte med več kot 45.000 hoteli po ugodnih cenah.

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Chris out enjoying a ride on her ski-doo.All History Now.... The first early warning system. Arctic Poppy.Baffin IslandQikiqtarjuaqThe INTO THE ARCTIC Project. "After a 40 minute boat ride, and a lot of ice pieces, we come across my first genuine, for-real, arctic iceberg! Knowing that I wanted to paint one or two, Billy had been doing some scouting prior to my arrival and had found a couple not too far from the community." Artist Cory Trepanier, August 2007, http://www.intothearctic.comLand of Mountains and SnowCape BroughtonOrange Whale. The day the sun turned the mountain orange.Colored Rocks. Sun setting behind the mountains of Baffin Island.Qikiqtarjuaq in it's Glory!Qikiqtarjuaq AirportThe INTO THE ARCTIC Project. "The big test... finding an iceberg and painting from the Packboat. What a unique and humbling experience! The sheer size of the iceberg, and especially seeing ice-blue extending below the water's surface... majestic and eerie at the same time. As I had seen this berg actually flip the day before, I felt it was safe to paddle up close to it... don't know how wise that would have been otherwise." Artist Cory Trepanier, August 2007, http://www.intothearctic.com