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Potrebujete poleg letalske karte tudi hotel v destinaciji ZDA? Izbirajte med več kot 45.000 hoteli po ugodnih cenah.

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Gull Cove Cabins. Small communities, fishing lodges, and isolated cabins provide work and income for local residens.George Island Cannon. Lisianski InletHumpback whales off Point Adolphus.  Neka Hot Spring and trail.  A pipe brings hot water from the spring to the cedar hot tub in the center of photo.Fishing Boat, Seal Islands.  Fishing is a way of life in SE Alaska.Bohemia Shelter, Lisianski Inlet.  This new Forest Service shelter provides local residents, as well as touring kayakers, an opportunity to escape coastal rain.Eight Fathom Dock.  Transportation in SE Alaska is either by boat or air.  Government docks provide landing places where tidal fluctuation can be as great as 25 feet.Pelican Harbor.  One of the most isolated and interesting towns in SE Alaska.  Visitors arrive either by ferry, boat or float plane.Head of Idaho InletArch, Three Hill IslandElfin Cove.  A typical SE Alaska day.  Moist air from the North Pacific contributes participation which exceeds 100 inches a year in most areas.Sunrise, Mud Bay