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  • Vsak teden je na voljo več kot 13653 letalskih vozovnic za lete iz mesta Guernsey.
  • Vsak teden je iz mesta Guernsey na voljo 327 letov z majhnimi letali.
  • Iz mesta Guernsey je vsak teden na voljo 327 krajših letov s tovornimi letali.
  • Guernsey se povezuje z direktnimi leti z več kot 15 mesti.
  • Vsak teden je na voljo več kot 320 notranjih letov iz mesta Guernsey.

Hoteli Guernsey

Potrebujete poleg letalske karte tudi hotel v destinaciji Guernsey? Izbirajte med več kot 45.000 hoteli po ugodnih cenah.

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Why Does It Always Rain On Me?Fountainious Jersey EyeCOBO BAY BEACH is located in the west coast of Guernsey island, beautiful for swimming and seaside walks. This beach has many devotees among locals and visitors, with its smooth sand, facilities and, importantly for some, a pub, hotel restaurant and shops close by.View West and Path to Bouley Bay from La CreteGreve De LecqLa Coupée - SarkBEAUCETTE MARINA is set in a peaceful and picturesque harbour in Guernsey. Located in the tranquil NE of the Island. Beach walks and cycling makes this a perfect destination for all visitors.Fairy RingBell Heather on a ClifftopBonne Nuit BreakwaterThe Deserted Beaches of St. Ouen's Bay