Letalo Dunaj - Hanus Bay

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Hoteli Hanus Bay

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Dunaj - Hanus Bay - last minute potovanje, letalska vozovnica, izlet

View from Game Creek road, Looking SE.  Chichagof Island is unique in having a system of logging roads which provide access to scenic vistas and recreation sites.  Most islands have  limited roads and even fewer vehicles.Lisianski InletBohemia Shelter, Lisianski Inlet.  This new Forest Service shelter provides local residents, as well as touring kayakers, an opportunity to escape coastal rain.Pelican Harbor.  One of the most isolated and interesting towns in SE Alaska.  Visitors arrive either by ferry, boat or float plane.last stone before japan, near Sitka, Inside PassageShelikof Bay and Mt. EdgecumbeOpen oceanPotatoe Patch on the Khaz PeninsulaSound Island WWII bunkerCrab BaySunset in the Baird IslandsRidge West of Pelican. Lisianski Inlet in foreground.Narrow Passage view