Biglietti aerei Ononge

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Hotel a Ononge

Necessità, oltre al biglietti aerei di una camera di hotel a Papua Nuova Guinea? Scegli tra più di 45.000 alberghi.

Biglietti aerei Ononge - viaggi, last minute, voli economici

Palm oil plantations, Oro, PNGFane, Papua New GuineaAss Nating Village Children From AKUKU Playing in River close to Village,   Rubberlands  Plantation on Right side of VEIMAURI  River,  Central Prov,  PNGAnacropora matthai.  Papua New Guinea.  Fine branches.  Photograph: Charlie HochlandGully Reach Police Station Check Point area at KANOSIA in DOA Rubber Tree Plantation area, along the Hiritano Highway, on 11-11-2011Yongai - Catholic Mission-2000Local Market area at AGEVAIRU, aprox 96 km from Port Moresby along the Hiritano Highway, at Anna Pinu's Trade Store area and fuel stop, in Central Province, on 20-11-2011Various Village Bush Houses on junction along the Hiritano Highway, on 11-11-2011open Bush along the Hiritano Highway near Avabadina, in Central Province, on 20-11-2011Driving Pass Teak Trees in DOA Estate with rubber trees on otherside of the Hiritano Highway, on 11-11-2011AVABADINA Village Roadside Produce Stalls lined up along one side of the Hiritano Highway near turn off to PINU Village, on 11-11-2011Passing Local Village close to Hiritano Highway near DOA Rubber Plantation, in Central Province, on 20-11-2011