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African dreamKenya - Elephants Meetingケニア、マルサビット国立公園のゾウ 1976年1月1日Marsabit mountain, born out of volcanic fire and shaped by mist. Every evening about midnight,the hot air rising from the desert floor cools and forms clinging fingers of mist, which grasp the mountain slopes and the town, rarely releasing their grip until the late part of the morningHeading towards the Chalbi desert on route from Marsabitケニア、レンディーレ族のコロの村1976年1月1日ケニア、マルサビッツ国立公園のアヌビスヒヒParadise Lake Marsabit 1976Traffic on "The Great North Highway"On route to KalachaParadise Lake Marsabit ケニア、レンディーレ族の村コロ1976年1月2日One of the many dust devils that appeared a long "The Great North Highway" !      Two warnings about trying to photograph these.1. Watch out for flying objects. 2. Be ready to have to pull apart your camera to get the dust out of it!