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Necessità, oltre al biglietti aerei di una camera di hotel a Papua Nuova Guinea? Scegli tra più di 45.000 alberghi.

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Dogura CathedralWaraka Bay coast linePorites lichen.  Papua New Guinea.  Colony of small tiered plates.  Photograph: Neville Coleman.Euphyllia cristata.  Papua New Guinea.  Solitary polyp with tentacles partly retracted.  Photograph: Valerie Taylor.Montipora millepora.  Papua New Guinea.  Encrusting colony.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Acropora pichoni.  Papua New Guinea.  Small colony.  Photograph: Jim Maragos.Cycloseris vaughani.  Papua New Guinea.  Detail of a polyp.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Montastrea annuligera.  Papua New Guinea.  Colony with compact corallites and 'groove and tubercle' formations.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Anacropora pillai.  Papua New Guinea.  Irregular contorted branches.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Hydnophora microconos.  Papua New Guinea.  A massive colony.  Photograph: Gerry Allen.Euphyllia cristata.  Papua New Guinea.  Solitary polyp with tentacles fully extended. The tall primary septa radiating like spokes of a wheel.  Photograph: Neville Coleman.Acropora batunai.  Papua New Guinea.  Edge of a large plate.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Dogura Anglican Cathedrial, in Wedau area on the Dogura Plateau, overlooking Goodenough Bay in MBP, it was consecrated on the 29th Oct in 1939, after taking 7 years to build, and clearly visable for Miles around,  aprox 170 ft long & 50 ft wide, has seating for 800 people, in Milne Bay Province in PNG,  Photo by Cheyene in 2012