Biglietti aerei Bapi

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Hotel a Bapi

Necessità, oltre al biglietti aerei di una camera di hotel a Papua Nuova Guinea? Scegli tra più di 45.000 alberghi.

Biglietti aerei Bapi - viaggi, last minute, voli economici

House in the forestKamiali villageGaraina Tea Plantation 1969The Wau Gouge, Wau is 35 Km.SE of Bulolo and was taken by The Japanese during the war. The RHS of the Gorge is Nationl Park and holds one of the last stands on Klinki Pine, Truely beautiful. 1995Graham and I took a drive to Edi Creek to check out Dave's Mine. He was making a fortune! When he took over he cleaned out the drains in the process room and won 15Kg of Gold. No-one had ever thought to do that! May 1995Note the 20 foot shipping container used as a culvet.B-17E 41-9234 Crash landed Jan. 8, 1943Garaina Deep River MountainsMain Dam, Tailings, Hidden Valley PNG, June 2009Haus menKatherine-Lehmann-School, near WauThe abandon New Guinea Gold Fields Open cut mine. 24/5/1995Hidden Valley Gold Exploration Camp, Heli Pad @ Right. June 1995.