Avion Prag - Tsili-Tsili

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Hoteli Tsili-Tsili

Putujete na relaciji i tražite hotel u destinaciji Papua Nova Gvineja? Birajte između 45.000 hotela.

Prag - Tsili-Tsili - last minute putovanje, avio karta, izlet

Mewari  Morobe ProvinceHouse in the forestAziana Mission Mari marketCrossing a large bridge Looking  UPSTREAM towards WONGAT from Lenon Bridge along the Highlands Highway in MOROBE Province  PNG, on 10-04-1998Ecoforestry in LaeLAE, NADZAB Airport, in the Markham Valley, 40km from LAE, MOROBE Province, PNG, Photo by Malum Nalu, on 14-12-2012Mountains of MOROBE Province, PNG, Photo by Malum Nalu, on 13-12-2012Foothills of the Owen Stanley Ranges on way to Wau/Bulolo.The Wau Gouge, Wau is 35 Km.SE of Bulolo and was taken by The Japanese during the war. The RHS of the Gorge is Nationl Park and holds one of the last stands on Klinki Pine, Truely beautiful. 1995PNG Forrest Products Hospital (Morgue to Left), Bulolo. 1995near Bangalum, Papua New GuineaKatherine-Lehmann-School, near Wau