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200309201607Top tourist city of China------Hami          全国优秀旅游城市标志-马踏飞燕Hami Prefecture (simplified Chinese: 哈密地区; pinyin: Hāmì Dìqū; Uyghur: قۇمۇل ۋىلايىتى‎, Qumul Wilayiti, K̡umul Vilayiti) is located in eastern Xinjiang, China. It has an area of 140,749 km² and 492,096 inhabitants (2000)By史保华.What are those huge roofs for ?松树塘Border Mound Beacon In Hami City By Shibaohua (史保华)312国道,刺激眼球的雕塑-岭南浪人通天:哈密小南湖唐代佛(福)塔台阶白石头BalikunWelcome to Hami and and its delicious melonsKumul哈密 A traffic jam on S303 roud .Taken By 史保华下雪了----天山雪景------By   史保华  Shibaohua 2011.1.26