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Billig Fliegen Yasuru - Last Minute Reisen, günstige Flüge

Mount Wilhelm von Snowpass aus.Aziana Mission Aerial View Near Hikwak, Morobe Prov, Papua New Guinea16 metre Wide Circular Water Tank Base Foundation, Sand Compacted Filled, With 2.4M  high Steel Walls, for Highlands Kainantu Gold Crusher area, on hill above Crusher,  PNG, on 4-07-2004 Village Market across Road from Markham Valley High School near Bridge along Highlands Highway in MOROBE Province PNG, on 10-04-1998Crossing a large bridge Looking  UPSTREAM towards WONGAT from Lenon Bridge along the Highlands Highway in MOROBE Province  PNG, on 10-04-1998Highlands KAINANTU Gold Mine, Upper Portal Entrance after Land Slip and Concrete Stadilisation Work, Upper Portal Accomadation and Camp area above Mine area, HK Ltd, PNG, on 30-05-2004PNG Villagers at YANG Creek in Bush Haus, this place comes Alive at Night Time, along the Highlands Highway  at the End of Markham Valley in Eastern Highlands Province, PNG, Ramu valley, Kassam PassSmall Bridge over BAUPA Creek near Highlands Kainantu Gold Crushing area in Valley aprox 13kms from GUSAP Airstrip in RAMU Valley, in Eastern Highlands Province, PNG, RAMU Valley and the Finisterre Ranges from Helicopter near Ramu River in  GUSAP AREA,  PNG, on  29-03-2004Large Road Construction Cutting above Kokomo Camp and Upper Baupa Creek Bridge, Anomally Hill Cutting, E.H.Prov, PNG, on 15-08-2004Spring Water coming out of Rock face through a Pipe Pushed in up near the Lower Portal Mine site, PNG, on 31-05-2004