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gerezakilwa kivinjeAlveopora spongiosa.  Tanzania.  Colonies have a wide range of shapes and sizes.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Acanthastrea ishigakiensis.  Tanzania.  Variation in corallite structure and colour.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Montipora tuberculosa.  Tanzania.  Corallite detail.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Gyrosmilia interrupta.  Tanzania.  This species usually occurs as small colonies on reef slopes and in crevices.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Fungia klunzingeri.  Tanzania.  Showing the even saw-like septal teeth.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Favites pentagona.  Tanzania.  Encrusting colonies, exposed to strong wave action.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Montipora turgescens.  Tanzania.  Surface detail.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Fungia klunzingeri.  Tanzania.  Detail of septal teeth.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Goniopora somaliensis.  Tanzania.  Detail of extended polyps.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Kilwa Seaview ResortAcropora rosaria.  Tanzania.  Variation in branches and corallites.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.