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Kerema BeachSt Peter's Training Centre-2001Catholic Church at MAINOHANA Secondary School, near BEREINA area, up along the Hiritano Highway in Central Province, PNG, on 11-11-2011Passing Village behind Trees along Gravel Road along the Hiritano Highway, on 11-11-2011Various Village Bush Houses on junction along the Hiritano Highway, on 11-11-2011Traverling along Hiritano Highway passing various Villages, on 11-11-2011Kerema, PNG Gulf Province CapitalCatholic Church-2001Acropora multiacuta.  Papua New Guinea.  Larger colonies are less distinctive.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.PNG Police Check Point along Hiritano Highway near Bereina Village area, on 11-11-2011Driving slowly through congested BEREINA Village along Hiritano Highway pass parked PMV Passenger Trucks, stopped to buy goods from Local Roadside Markets along bothsides of Highway, on 11-11-2011MAINOHANA Catholic Secondary School, looking down roadway to Entrance to School, on 11-11-2011Heading along the Hiritano Highway towards BEREINA, Passing Village Housing along roadside, on 11-11-2011