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Mount Wilhelm von Snowpass aus.Aziana Mission  Village Market across Road from Markham Valley High School near Bridge along Highlands Highway in MOROBE Province PNG, on 10-04-1998Crossing a large bridge Looking  UPSTREAM towards WONGAT from Lenon Bridge along the Highlands Highway in MOROBE Province  PNG, on 10-04-1998Ramu valley, Kassam PassVenembeli VillageHighlands, Papua New Guineasuomalainen lähetysasema ukarumpaAerial view of northern side of Markham River valleyKASSIM PASS Area from along Highlands Highway, looking down towards RAMU Valley, PNG, on 21-01-2005Looking towards YONKI Dam are from along the Highlands Highway, in EHP, PNG, Photo by Jay Homuo,  in 2012This is Gumi ( Big Bush ) operations area. All timber is extracted to the dry dock here then transported 41Km. To the Bulolo Sawmill. 41Km. by road and about 5500 vertical feet to Bulolo.A  Bush material Round Haus in a village near KAINANTU area in the EHP of PNG, photo by Timm Siakisi,  on 2-04-2010