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Vicuñas en las altas montañas de Peru - Region de Cusco - By Chio.SThe Q'eswachaka bridge (also spelled Qeswachaka, Keshwa Chaca or Keswachaka), consisting of ropes made of grass and spanning the Apurimac River near Huinchiri, in Canas Province, Peru, is the last remaining Inca rope bridge. Even though there is a modern bridge nearby, the residents of the region keep the ancient tradition and skills alive by renewing the bridge annually, in June. Several family groups have each prepared a number of grass-ropes to be formed into cables at the site, others prepare mats for decking, and the reconstruction is a communal effort. In ancient times the effort would have been a form of tax, with participants coerced to perform the rebuilding; nowadays the builders have indicated that effort is performed to honor their ancestors and the Pachamama (Earth Mother).Hacienda LacayaAtardecer en el WarmijalaEl ejercito de piedraAmanecer en HuayhuasiLa herramienta que mueve los AndesPaisajes en Corihuarmi, PerúLos Puyales de AllkavictoriaCampamento SuyckutamboPastoraEl señor de Waylla WayllaEntre bosques y Rocas, Chucchu