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Benötigen Sie neben den Billig Fliegen ein Hotelzimmer in Papua-Neuguinea? Wählen Sie aus mehr als 45.000 Hotels.

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BEAUTIFUL HULA Village  Lady of CENTRAL Province,  PNG, on  7-01-2007YANG  Pikininies in Doorway of Village Haus in CENTRAL Province  PNG  Montipora monasteriata.  Papua New Guinea.  Detail of a plate.  Photograph: Charlie Veron.Echinopora horrida.  Papua New Guinea.  Branch tips of a compact colony.  Photograph: Neville Coleman.Cane Bridge - Afore area 1966Keapara VillageLalaura United Church at ABAU in Central Province, PNG, Photo by Michael Martin, in April 2012,Musgrave River crossingPNG ART DESIGN MOTIVES on end of Building around HULA Village, Central Province  PNG,  on 3-01-2007Villagers in the Shade of PANDANUS PALMS near HULA VILLAGE, in CENTRAL Province  PNG,  on 3-01-2007Ctenactis crassa.  Papua New Guinea.  Showing the axial furrow reaching the ends of the polyp.  Photograph: Neville Coleman.Montastrea curta.  Papua New Guinea.  Common variation in corallite shape and colour.  Photograph: .Canoe Racing along AROMA Coastline at Maopa Beach in Keakalo Bay in Central Province of PNG, Photo by Malum Nalu on 16-08-2013