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Billig Fliegen Balalae - Last Minute Reisen, günstige Flüge

Southern Bougainville, Siwai T Junction called ;TANK Corner Memorial, a WW11  Matilda Tank Jap Metal Pill Box  Bunkers on Beach near Large Concrete Bunker East of Kangu Whalf, near UGUIMO Village area, in Southern Bougainville, on 18-01-2004Bougainville Revolution Army , Canon, Made at Panguna mine Area, along BUIN to Kangu Beach Road in Southern BougainvilleVisit to BUIN High School in Southern Bougainville on 22-01-2004in VILLAGE around PANAKEI in SIWAI Area Southern BougainvilleView from a lookout Ridge, over Southern Buin area to Kangu Hillat KONGA High School in Siwai area , Southern BougainvilleDowned American Bomber behind Kangu HILLSHORTLAND  Islanders arriving by loaded Banana Boat at KANGU Beach, for Market at BUIN in Southern Bougainville, on 11-01-2004Japanese  WW11 Generator Power Bunker, on East side of Kangu Hll on Coast near Kangu Whalf, BUIN areaTANK Corner Memorial at T. Junction, English MATILDA Tank, was one of two found on Bank of neardy River and driven here on corner, two Jap Field Guns also on corner, in SIWAI area in Southern Bougainville, PNG, on 27-02-2004Tail Section of WW11 American Aircraft in Thick Dense Jungle behind Kangu Hill, in Southern Bougainville in BUIN area, David Bridge on left, PNG, on 22-02-2004At Piano Catholic Church, School, and Aid Post  about 12 km  West of BUIN in Southern Bougainville, PNG, on 28-03-2004